Air conditioning systems come in all shapes and sizes. There is only one system that exactly meets your needs. So make your choice carefully and always consult your authorized installer, you can also inquire about the regulations. Just want to refrigeration and air dehumidification? Maybe also heating? Heating with air conditioning is a godsend in situations where the existing heating system can not be expanded further. Or in the seasons when the cv is out of service. And did you know that there are also systems with integrated ventilation, heating and air cleaning?daikin1

Mobile air conditioner or air conditioner fixed
You know them: the air conditioners on wheels. Especially useful for home. But the benefits do not outweigh the disadvantages. They are in the way and the degree of cooling has been disappointing. The heat and condensate drain occurs mainly through a hose out the window and the noise is deafening. The quality of fixed air conditioning, also called "split systems", is far superior. They are much more durable, versatile, comfortable and quieter.

Split or multi-split
Split systems consist of an inner and an outer part which by means of thin-2 cooling pipes are connected to each other. They are (almost) anywhere you and deliver maximum performance. Multi-split systems go one step further. These make it possible to cool separately adjustable with an outer portion or several rooms to be heated. So for example, cooling during the day in the living room and work at night in the bedroom.

The installation of air conditioning
The inner part of a split system is available for mounting on the wall, on the floor, ceiling and recessed in the ceiling or under. The placement of the units is not only a matter of taste and space, but also determines the way in which the air is blown into the room. Improper placement and too large or too small capacity lead to drafts, noise and / or insufficient cooling.

Heat pump and inverter
Did you know that your air conditioning can also be used for heating? Split and multi-split air conditioners can now also be supplied in heat pump performance. The cooling cycle is then reversed: heat is extracted from the outside air to the issued within. This is a very efficient process: heat from outdoor air is indeed free.
Even at -20 ° C, the heat pump can still pick up heat from the outside air. Especially in between seasons can keep the heating system switched off. This saves a lot of energy.
Many (multi-) split systems are controlled inverter. The integrated inverter continuously adjusts its cooling system to heat output to suit the heat in the room, the measured and desired indoor temperature and the size of the space. This energy consumption is 30% lower than conventional on / off systems. Moreover, the inverter provides additional comfort, the desired temperature is reached earlier by the rapid switch.

Air conditioning in homes
With your comfort air conditioning is increasing tremendously, daytime, evening and night. Imagine for: never sleep in a warm oppressive bedroom. And if you opt for air conditioning with heat pump, in the low season from now on the heating. So you also further lower heating costs.
Split and multi-split systems are ideal for homes.Modern air conditioners are beautiful to look at, almost inaudibly and with remote control, so very user-friendly. While systems with inverter bring down energy consumption by 30%. Airco fits into every home and every room. You can choose from models on the wall, on the floor or in the ceiling.

Airco in companies and offices
Ga business or office without proper climate. Research has shown that good climate contributes to the health of employees, increase productivity and stimulates creativity. Not for nothing, the health and safety legislation demands on the indoor.
The current air conditioning systems are compact, beautifully designed, environmentally friendly and ... silent. They make it possible to control the climate in each room separately.The power can be tailored to each situation exactly.With this, they provide a pleasant working environment with a temperature and humidity where your employees feel comfortable and fit in. Without drafts and noise.
For businesses, the choice of systems and models are almost endless. You can only choose systems that can cool and heat pump systems, whether or not fitted with integrated ventilation. They are barely audible and very economical with energy. With heat pump heating systems make no heating necessary. Thus ensuring lower heating costs. You can choose from models on the wall, on the floor or under the ceiling. The satellite models are almost invisible in the ceiling away, only the suction and discharge grilles are visible.

Airco in shops and restaurants
Dining in a stuffy restaurant? Shopping in a drafty shop? Stay in a cramped hotel room? Air conditioning is a vital part of the hospitality that you want to offer your customers. A pleasant climate in the case - cool in summer, cozy in winter, always fresh air - is just as important as a good staff, an appealing range of successful menu. With air conditioning in every season you realize the climate in which your customers feel most comfortable.And if your customers feel comfortable, they stay longer and enjoy coming back again.
Modern air conditioning systems are compact, beautifully designed and quiet operation. The choice of systems and models is almost endless. You can choose from only cooling systems and heat pump systems, whether or not fitted with integrated fan. You can also choose from models for wall, floor and ceiling. The satellite models are almost invisible in the ceiling away, only the suction and discharge grilles are visible. And in combination with an air curtain keeps the heat in and the drafts out.

Where to watch
Climate listen closely: the desired temperature, the right humidity. And in each room. Choose your air conditioning system so carefully. Or better yet, consult your installer. Here are some key facts:

What requirements do you to the indoor?
Do you want cooling only? Or even ventilation and / or heating? This choice determines the choice of the air conditioning system.

Which area(s) is the airco for?
A store? An office? A living room? A bedroom? Each application places different demands on the air conditioning system.

The noise
Note the noise of the air conditioner. Not only the inner part, but also the outer part (think of the neighbors!).
The right capacity
A system with a large capacity leads to drafts, widely fluctuating temperatures and high energy. With too little power will never reach the desired temperature. Choosing an air conditioning system is above all accurate count by a qualified electrician.

The location of the inner part
The right choice for the model of the inner part is determined by the local potential. Is there a false ceiling? Is there room on the wall? etc.Also, the location of the unit is of great importance. Each unit has its own distribution pattern and cooling. Incorrect placement leads to drafts and noise.
The position of the outer part
Also the outdoor unit must have an appropriate place in a sufficiently solid surface and easily accessible for inspection and maintenance.

The weather resistance
Especially in our damp Dutch climate, the outdoor unit can withstand extreme conditions. The weather resistance determines the useful life of the installation.
The air filtration
Airborne dust particles that we would like to filter out suspended.This also applies to the removal of odors. Modern air conditioners are equipped with filters to fungi, mites, tobacco smoke, dust and pollen absorb odors break and make even deactivates bacteria and viruses.

The aesthetic aspects
Where are the units? On the floor? On the wall? On the ceiling? Or concealed in the ceiling? That choice is a matter of taste, space and space use. In a bedroom, for example imagine very different demands on the placement than in a store.

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